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Recently, my sis in-law (she and I married the brothers) told me that my husband has slept with a hooker while he was on vacation a few years ago. Her comment caught me on a surprise. I went home and talked to my husband. I denied the rumor and asked me who told me. Of course, I did not tell him who. He said that he did not do it but if he did he would come clean and told me himself.
Should I believe him. Ever since, I learned the information, I GROSS me out when I think he slept with a hooker. I went to have HIV, STD tests done and waited for the results. I thought of him being with a hooker discuss it. I do not want to have a intimate relationship with him. I told me that I'm waiting for the test results to come back.

What should I do in the mean time if he asks to have SEX?

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It is good you are getting tested. It is important. As far as the sister in law, we do not know what kind of character she is. She could be telling the truth or she could be lying because of jealousy and just wants to cause problems. Why would she wait so long to all of a sudden tell you something like that. Just some thoughts.


Your husband should be understanding. I am not sure what you should tell your husband, but these results should not take too long to get back
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Like Joe said, it is very good you have chosen to be tested, and very important if you suspect your husband was unfaithful.
You must have some kind of doubt about the trustworthiness of your husband if you have gone so far as to be tested. Correct?
Instead of trying to avoid sex by making excuses, or waiting until the last minute to bring up your concerns if your husband asks for sex , discuss the issue before hand. Set aside a time to talk with him. Explain to him your feelings and the reasons for doubting him. Try not to let the conversation escalate into a fight. Be as calm and assertive as possible while explaining the concern for your health and safety.
This is, in no way, an easy situation. Hopefully your tests will come back negative and you can leave that worry behind you. However, the issue of infidelity should still be addressed so that you don't run across this same situation again.
I hope all is well. Please let us know how you're doing.
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