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I don't understand what is going on.

My boyfriend has admitted to me that he sometimes fakes orgasm.

He said that some of his guy friends have decided to try
Only coming when masturbating and not to come with their
Wife's or masturbating in order to concentrate more on the lovemaking
And less on the result of coming. This little group
Is working on control according to my lover. Have
You ever heard of such a thing?

Nothing is making sense. He does come sometimes but
Not very often. He is 45 and drinks too much beer.
He doesn't 't have a problem getting an erection.
Our lovemaking is very good and I always come at least

When a man come does he always have an orgasm?

Anybody have any thought as to what is going on?

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Men don't ALWAYS orgasm when they "come", but I don't understand why he feels he needs to focus on not coming to orgasm when you are making love unless you feel he is not pleasing you or something? Talk to him and tell he he doesn't need to bother with this silly "control" thing, as it's just making you upset about the situation and not helping your lovemaking or relationship in any way...

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