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I have always wanted to wait for the right person to come along, or for marriage, however, i'm at a point in my life where I want to enjoy sex and become more sexually active. The problem is I have only slept with one person, and we only had sex twice. He was very small, therefore, I do not feel as if I lost my virginity. It has been 5 years and I have absolutely no idea how to become sexually active at the age of 32. I'm afraid of the pain and afraid that I will be rejected once I tell a guy i'm practically a virgin even though I've had sex. It actually feels extremely embarrassing to start at such an old age. Most of the men I date do not know i'm inexperienced and make it pretty clear they want an experienced woman. I waited so long for the right person, and it would be a shame to have sex again with someone who might be rough on me because i'm too embarrassed to tell him that i'm practically a virgin. Does anyone have any advice as to how I can become sexually active again? Are men turned off by virgins? Someone help!

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My take as a 37 year old guy...

It's not a big deal. Be honest, but show genuine enthusiasm, don't be afraid to experiment on your own (masturbation, vibrators, whatever) to help you discover what YOU like, and don't hesitate to tell a man what you want. Just say it like "I'd really love it if you would XXXX".
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