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My SO stresses me out so much, he tortures me and puts me through emotional hell. He constantly shoots down my complaints, feelings, hangs up, tells me he doesn't care, ignores my cries, laughs at me, calls me a liar, accuses me of playing games. I tell him to his face what it going on and instead of listening he does what I said. The solution is clear but he instead takes it to sadism. The way he has been treating me for the past 2 years is breaking my heart.I have pain in my chest and I don't really sleep. I am always stressed out and anxious and he tells me this is who he is and that's it. Just today we had a fight and he refused to talk kept telling me he has nothing to say and yelled at me that he wanted to leave. So I asked what time would be better for him but he refused to talk about it again, so when I finally got him to agree to a time he said "maybe.IF i feel like it, that's final. You are not getting anything else." who talks to their partner like that? I just can't take it anymore I've been crying since last night but it's more than the100th time. I feel my health will deteriorate so much I may have a heart attack and die. I need advice

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Wow, this sounds like my 'marriage', but I've been doing this on and off for much longer.
If you don't have kids leave today. Get a divorce. That's one of the great things about not having kids with a person like this.
If you do have kids hopefully they're small and won't mind moving and changing schools. If at all possible leave. Why waste years?
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If this is the 100th you end it and walk away.

What you describe is nothing to feel bad and cry over.

And no, you don't need a final conversation for "closure". This "closure" thing is way over rated.

You "close" it by telling him you cannot take any more, WILL NOT take anymore. And that he is "not getting anything else".

Then walk into the sunshine and don't look back.
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