Are Legon Admission List for 2014/2015 Academic year out

asked Aug 16, 2014 in Education by AMfree
edited Sep 12, 2014 by TT
Check your admission status here

It is out now.
PS: The results were released on the 12th September in the evening.
commented Sep 4, 2014 by nana
have university of ghana got done with their admission.
no more add ups?
commented Sep 4, 2014 by AMfree
they will be more add ups till the middle of october so pls do not loose hope. Only the first batch is out. There are about 36,000 names more to be added so relax.
commented Sep 4, 2014 by nana
thank you for your answer. i really appreciate it.
commented Sep 5, 2014 by nana
i heared the students of university of ghana(both continueing and freshers) are to report on friday 5 sept.
if so how will they add up another batch ?
commented Sep 7, 2014 by glo
the liist here is 2013/2014 admissions oo....2014/2015 admission list is not yet out
commented Sep 12, 2014 by nana
the list is out now. will there be add ups?
or it is the full list?
commented Sep 13, 2014 by peprah alfred
plss ur wonder boy peprah Alfred names is not on dis list...
plss help ooo
commented Sep 17, 2014 by mrpaulcity
plz are dey goin to add more names?if so when are dey goin to finish wit evrytin?
and why cant we print out de admission letter when we click on de icon? plzzz
commented Sep 19, 2014 by AMfree
Guys calm down, there will be more names added

4 Answers

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answered Aug 16, 2014 by peprah alfred

Help me check if peprah Alfred is admitted

commented Aug 16, 2014 by AMfree
Just wait and relax. The list will be updated till september. if you do not see your name now, don't panick
commented Sep 17, 2014 by Samuel Osei Gyasi
Cuz the admission process is still on-going
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answered Sep 11, 2014 by TT

The list will be released soon by the universities authorities.

commented Sep 12, 2014 by Cruyff
Pls my patience is running out cus if dis were america we wuld av sued the authorities
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answered Sep 12, 2014 by enameugene

Yes it was out yesterday 11 september.

commented Sep 12, 2014 by Kiyewtieyy
Can you drop a link to it so we can check??
commented Sep 12, 2014 by TT
Eugene, were you able to check for yours. I spoke to the authorities both yesterday and just now and they say it should be out any moment from now.
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answered Sep 19, 2014 by AMfree

Guys calm down. Legon says there will add more names to be added to the list so no worries Ok. Just relax and keep checking. God dey!

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